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Episode 027: Joseph Grenny

Leadership is intentional influence. And the most enduring kind of influence results when other people actually change their behavior based on your leadership. This episode of the GLS Podcast features Joseph Grenny, a leading social scientist for business performance. He shares his research-based insights into how influence works so that leaders can better leverage their impact to change people’s behavior for the better.

Episode 026: Liz Wiseman with Jeff Lockyer

Multiplier leaders empower other people. They use their intelligence to activate the intelligence of others. On the opposite extreme, Diminisher leaders drain the intelligence out of people. They believe that their teams will not figure it out without them. In this interview, leadership expert Liz Wiseman and Jeff Lockyer discuss the concept of Multipliers and Diminishers, as well as a third kind of leader: the Accidental Diminisher. Learn how to increase self-awareness about your own Accidental Diminisher tendencies and increase your skills of empowerment.

Episode 025: Albert Tate

Leaders who are told to leave it all on the field are often left burned out with nothing to give. But what if there were a different way to lead? In this episode, Albert Tate, pastor of Fellowship Monrovia, explains that our job is to prepare what we have, surrender it to God and allow Him to multiply our efforts.

Episode 024: Carly Fiorina

What is leadership? A fully-defined framework can help leaders understand what is required of them to move their organization into the future. In this episode, Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, shares her leadership framework by defining the four critical functions of leadership.

Episode 023: Jeff Manion

How do you build a life of significance? In this episode, pastor and author Jeff Manion shares how truly great lives are built on the foundation of a holy redundancy—a persistence and determination to move faithfully in the right direction. Whether in our homes, businesses or ministries, a consistent faithfulness will ultimately lead to lasting results.

Episode 022: Erwin McManus

As faith-centered leaders, we can become God’s instruments to create the future. This episode of the GLS Podcast features Erwin McManus—senior pastor of MOSAIC, a church in Los Angeles known for its innovation, creativity, diversity and social entrepreneurism. In this insightful message, Erwin challenges leaders to affect the future by cultivating human creativity and telling God’s story with freshness and authenticity.

Episode 021: Gary Haugen with Bill Hybels and Kim Simios

Following an excerpt from Gary Haugen’s Summit talk, Bill Hybels sits down with business executive Kim Simios to discuss the challenges that leaders face when experiencing fear. Their conversation focuses on helpful insights about ways leaders can identify the root causes of their fears, minimize risks and approach the possibility of failure with a learning mindset.

Episode 020: Louie Giglio

You don’t need to know everything about how to achieve your vision before you take the next step. In this episode, Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church and founder of the Passion movement, challenges us to tackle with intensity the big leadership visions God has given us.

Episode 019: Bill Hybels with Andy Stanley and Jeff Lockyer

Willow Creek Canada’s Chairman, Jeff Lockyer, and communicator, author and pastor, Andy Stanley, discuss the importance of talent observation inside businesses and organizations. Following an excerpt from Bill Hybels’ 2017 Global Leadership Summit session, they share insights on how to practically identify leadership in the next generation.

Episode 018: Juliet Funt with Bill Hybels and Jeff Lockyer

This episode of the GLS Podcast features a conversation between Bill Hybels and Jeff Lockyer on the importance of WhiteSpace—the “strategic pause” between activities that enables recuperation for the mind and greater productivity. After listening to excerpts from Juliet Funt’s insightful 2017 GLS session, they share practical strategies for how to increase WhiteSpace into your daily life.