Episode 019: Bill Hybels with Andy Stanley and Jeff Lockyer

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Willow Creek Canada’s Chairman, Jeff Lockyer, and communicator, author and pastor, Andy Stanley, discuss the importance of talent observation inside businesses and organizations. Following an excerpt from Bill Hybels’ 2017 Global Leadership Summit session, they share insights on how to practically identify leadership in the next generation.

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Bill Hybels

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At the 2017 Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels described the unprecedented level of divisiveness that exists in society right now and challenged leaders to raise the level of civility and respect in their organizations. In this episode of the GLS Podcast, Jeff Lockyer interviews Andy Stanley on the topic of civility and respect—drawing out insights on how Christian leaders should rise above fear and divisiveness to live out of love.


  • We owe huge debts to those who planted leadership seeds in us. None of us got to where we are today all by ourselves.
  • Leaders simply must plant leadership seeds in the lives of younger people.
  • We need to create more “Table 18” moments.
  • A handwritten note is extraordinarily powerful. Frank Blake, CEO of Home Depot, wrote over 150 handwritten notes per week. He reshaped the culture of Home Depot through handwritten notes.
  • Older leaders need to leverage the strengths of the next generation.
  • Leadership development is giving people opportunities to step into roles they are not fully prepared to do.
  • Build leadership development into the rhythm of your organization.
  • Seasoned leaders are the gatekeepers of opportunities for younger leaders.
  • Replace yourself and you’ll always have a place.
  • An expanding organization gives seasoned leaders the ability to offer younger leaders stretch opportunities.
  • The silver lining of building a multi-site church is that it gives us more development opportunities.
  • Unexpressed gratitude is ingratitude.


  1. At the end of the podcast, Andy Stanley suggests that leaders should make it a regular practice to write notes to the people who have impacted their lives. Take some time right now to identify two people from your own life.

    • An older leader who impacted your life by calling out leadership in you.

    • A co-worker or younger leader who, in the past week, has gone above and beyond to help you and/or make your organization a better place.

  2. Write a short note to each of the people you identified above, expressing gratitude for their contribution to your life, identifying the leadership qualities that you appreciate in them.

  3. Keep a stack of notecards in your desk and add note writing to your weekly to-do list.


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